Lupe Valdez Defends Sanctuary City Policies at Debate

“I fought SB 4 when it came up and testified against it time and time again.”

Lupe Valdez Wants to Repeal Texas’ Ban on Sanctuary Cities

“Valdez also called for repeal of the sanctuary cities law passed last year that says, among other things, that local authorities cannot prohibit their employees from assisting a federal immigration officer.” –Dallas Morning News

Lupe Valdez Ignores Rule of Law on Sanctuary Cities

“In 2015, Valdez…announced her department would decide whether to turn over undocumented offenders to federal immigration authorities on a case-by-case basis. That move prompted Abbott to warn Valdez in a letter that Texas sheriffs who did not cooperate with federal ‘detainers’ would face losing state grant money.” – The Texas Tribune

Planned Parenthood Endorses Lupe Valdez

“Planned Parenthood Texas Votes (PPTV) is proud to announce candidate endorsements for the 2018 election cycle. The PPTV board of directors assesses candidate positions on a variety of reproductive health issues including access to birth control, evidence-based sex education, and safe, legal abortion. Challenger Endorsements: Lupe Valdez, Governor” –

Lupe Valdez Confirms Her Pro-Abortion Position

“‘I know where I stand. What’s important is where I’m at,’ she added, summing up her abortion view as, ‘I’m not about to tell you what to do with your body, so why should I tell other people?'” – Texas Tribune

Lupe Valdez Supports Abortion at Campaign Event

“Lupe Valdez doesn’t hesitate when asked about her views on abortion…My partner is a very strong, independent chiropractor. For me to try to tell her what she should do with her body, she would tell me what to do with my mouth…I’m not about to tell other women that are independent… what they should be doing.” – San Antonio Express-News

Lupe Valdez “Proud” to be Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

“As your governor, I will fight tirelessly to protect women’s health and fundamental rights to their own bodies, working hand in hand with groups like Planned Parenthood, whom I’m proud to be endorsed by.” – Lupe Valdez Campaign Website